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The biggest and most up to date inland container terminal in Romania

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Railport Arad S.R.L. is operating the biggest and most up to date inland container terminal in Romania, in the Western part of the country, next to town Curtici, Arad County. The terminal is dealing with handling and storage of all kind of UTIs (Unités de Transport Intermodal – Intermodal Transport Units). It was opened for business in 2009, after implementing a 10 million EUR green-field investment, and is an important part of the Cargo Center Curtici, being in the close neighborhood of and working together with Trade Trans Terminal warehouse for palletized cargo.

Railport Arad is committed to be a real alternative solution in the process of combined transportation and wants to offer environmental friendly transport means for intermodal traffic in the region, contributing to the European Transport Strategy of shifting cargo streams from road to rail.

Our vision is to play a major role as a key terminal operator of the Central and Eastern European region focusing on serving both the continental and intercontinental container traffic, and willing to become a hub for the cargo flows between Western Europe and Turkey.

Railport Arad container terminal has a strategic location, being just next to Curtici station, the most important common Hungarian-Romanian railway border crossing point, being on two European core-network corridors, which are running from Hamburg to Sofia and Thessaloniki or Istanbul, and the 10th Pan-European transport corridor from Strasburg to Bucuresti and Constanta. The terminal is just 20 km away from the Timisoara – Arad – Nadlac motorway.