Tarifs 2021

Valid from: 01.01.2021

All prices VAT excluded

A. Handling fees

Container lifting 32€ per CTR
Other UTI (semitrailer, swap body, flat rack, etc.) 40€ per UTI

B. Storage fee

Container storage 5€ per calendar day per TEU
The day of arrival and next 2 days free of charge
Other UTI (semitrailer, swap body, flat rack, etc.) 10€ per unit the 2 nd 24 hours
20€ per unit every other started 24 hours
The 1 st 24 hours after arrival free of charge
Reefer container (starting with power supply) 50€ per calendar day per container
Additional handling 30€ per lifting
Temperature monitoring not included
Wagon storage
4 axle wagon 5€ per calendar day
6 axle double wagon 10€ per calendar day
The day of arrival is free of charge.

For details and custom-made offers, please contact:

General Manager