The biggest and most up to date inland container terminal in Romania.

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Railport Arad

In the midst of the world crisis of COVID-19, the importance of all the performers of the supply / distribution chains becomes VITAL!

RAILPORT ARAD SRL, the biggest and the most up-to-date inland container terminal in Romania and one of the biggest in the CEE region, understands its role and is perfectly aware of its huge responsibility under the given circumstances.

Moving the international cargo flow from road to rail is not anymore only a desire approved in theory by the majority of competent authorities and by the visionary performers in this field of activity, but now it has become a necessity – especially for priority goods, like food, sanitary equipment and disinfectants.

All RAILPORT ARAD SRL employees are working non-stop, considering the above mentioned, they take care of themselves first of all, to be protected and to protect their family and to keep coming to work. RAILPORT ARAD SRL also requests maximum responsibility in obeying all preventive measures from all our collaborators, first of all from the truck drivers who bring in and take out of our terminal intermodal transport units.

We thank you and we wish you good health!
General Manager

Railport Arad
An UPLIFTING experience

Railport Arad is committed to be a real alternative solution in the process of combined transportation and wishes to offer environmentally friendly transport means for intermodal traffic in the region, contributing to the European transport strategy of shifting cargo streams from road to rail.

Railport Arad
Our services

Railport Arad S.R.L. offers full terminal services and intermodal solutions for the actors of this efficient and eco-friendly segment of the transportation market. The terminal is neutral, willing to cooperate with all the interested companies – railway operators, road hauliers, forwarders, shipping lines etc.

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Our newly-purchased terminal tractor
Our newly-purchased terminal tractor
It will help us move the trailers from the train to the parking lot. This way the loading-unloading procedures will be faster.
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